Horseback Wanderings in Central Washington

Preliminary Ride List

This is a VERY preliminary list of some of the ride locations that the KVTR often visit.  In the future the list will be exspanded to include some information on the trailhead and difficulty of the terrain and possibly other important features that members might want to know before embarking. 

Your feedback will be appreciated.

Wind Farm

China Hat 3 hrs.

Whiskey Dick 3 hrs.

Windmills/Beacon Ridge

4 hrs.

Windmills/Parke Creek Loop 5 hrs.

Chuck’s Loop 3 hrs.


Canyon Ride 3 hrs.

Ridge Ride 3 hrs.

Lower Vantage

Army East/Doris JWT 3 hrs.

River/Orchard Loop 2 hrs.

Beverly Sand Dunes 3.5 hrs.

Wanapum E. Park Lot 2hrs.

Thorp Trailhead

Thorp JWT Tunnels 3.5 hrs.

Thorp JWT/Faust Rd. 3 hrs. 

Cle Elum

Coal Mine Trail #3 5 hrs.

S. Cle Elum Depot/Golf Course 3 hrs.

Cle Elum/JWT/Tunnel 46    3 hrs.

Flying Horseshoe Ranch/Teanaway River  3.5 hrs.


KV Fairgrounds to Curly’s  5 hrs.

Kittitas Depot to I-90 Trestle  3 hrs.

Canyon Rides

Joe Watt Canyon 3 hrs.

Robinson Canyon 2-3.5 hrs.

Naneum Canyon 3 hrs.

Coleman Canyon 3.5 hrs.

Parke Creek Canyon 4 hrs.

Schnebly Canyon 4 hrs.

Upper Green Canyon 3 hrs.

Lake Rides

Ancient Lakes 4-5 hrs.

Burke Lake 4-5 hrs.

Pete Lake 4-5 hrs.

Yakima River/River Rd       3 hrs.

Misc Rides

Boylston 3 hrs.

Elk Heights 2-3.5 hrs.

Haney Meadow 6 hrs.

Silver Ridge/Easton Poker Rides 2.5 hrs

Queen Bee Obstacle Course 5 hrs.

WA. State Horse Park 3 hrs.



Durr Rd. 2.5 hrs.

Manastash Monument 3 hrs.

Observatory Ride 4 hrs.

Buck Meadows 4-5 hrs.


Comments on: "Preliminary Ride List" (3)

  1. DEMETRIA BASS said:


    • Hello!
      I am new to the area and looking for ride partners/groups. Since I am unfamiliar with the terrain and area it would be nice to meet others to ride with, so I can learn the trail systems and where to go or not to go!
      I have a very solid 14 y.o. Arabian gelding( not flighty or dingy like some are), and and coming 4 y.o. I am starting this year.
      Looking forward to a long ride season.
      Thank you!

  2. Angel and Demetria,
    So sorry I missed your comments. New members are always welcome. Come on out to our next meeting, 7:00 PM March 8th at the Cattlemen’s building on Dolarway–out by the West interchange (I-90, exit 106). We’re starting to get geared up for a great year!

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